"Nathaniel Fludd BEASTOLOGIST" is a chapter book series (ages 6–9), written by R. L. LaFevers, illustrated by Kelly Murphy and published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Books for Children, an imprint of HMH.

A Beastologist's Skills

Using a Compass

Every young beastologist should learn how to check their headings with a compass! As Aunt Phil taught Nate in Book 2: The Basilisk's Lair:

- the compass needle doesn't always point exactly north (at a very high latitude, far from the equator, it can even point south!).
- there is a difference between true north and magnetic north! This is called the magnetic north differential and, to compensate for it, beastologists must adjust their compass reading by four degrees to the east.

Port Side and Starboard

In Book 2: The Basilisk's Lair, when trying to row away from crocodiles, Aunt Phil taught Nate the words for left and right when sailing:

- Left is Port Side.
- Right is Starboard.